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Blackboard Accessibility Issues

This page contains the list of accessibility issues on Blackboard Academic Suite. To view the accessibility problems with Vista 4, go to WebCT Issue list.

Issue 7: Alt attribute for graphical links missing

Issue Summary

Across tested pages, several graphical links have been identified such as Communications page, where no Alt atribute has been defined for links associated with icons.
If any graphical link (a link associated with an icon) appears in a conjunction with a regular text link (a typical Use Alt attribute with the icons (graphical links) only if they are not appearing together with a regular links.
If no Alt tag is defined for a graphics (regardless it is associated with a link or not), by default the file name for that graphic is rendered as the clue for screen reader users.

Comments and Discussion

  • Status: Reported;
  • Last status change: 08/03/2007
  • Page affected: All
  • Disabilities affected: BL
  • Reported date: 08/04/2007
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