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Blackboard Accessibility Issues

This page contains the list of accessibility issues on Blackboard Academic Suite. To view the accessibility problems with Vista 4, go to WebCT Issue list.

Issue 2: Structural and Orientation headings missing

Issue Summary

Headings to structure the page and its contents has not been used adequately or not complete.
Proper headings (H1-H6) should be used to structure a page and its contents. This will help everyone to understand the relationship between various sections and components of a page. At the same time they help keyboard users in particular screen reader users to navigate within the page.
Use for each page one single H1 element providing the main heading for that page; it preferably should be a sub-set from the Title element, for example use "Discussion Board" as H1 for Discussion Board module.
Use H2-H6 to structure any other content within a page. Make sure that the headings are used in a hierarchical manner.
If you don't want to make a heading visible, you can hide it from the browser by using the CSS and positioning the heading off-screen.

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