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Date: 2006-05-15

Time: 1:30 PM


Hello Everyone,

As we discussed in our last teleconference, we will be meeting next Monday May 15 at 1:30 PM to discuss our findings with the WebCT upcoming release.
As you know WebCT has stopped further changes in the code for the stability but obviously we can still provide them with most critical accessibility issues
if we rush. Please, please, please have your evaluation ready by Monday May 15 so we can pass them to WebCT. Jon Has added an evaluation link to the WebCT
collaboration area and it would be nice if you could use it for the accessibility report. If you have already completed your report, don't bother, keep
it as is.
But if you haven't completed your report, please use the web form for the report. this will give us and WebCt an opportunity to have report in more consistent

The URL for the WebCT collaboration page is:


Info about the next teleconference:

Date: Monday May 15 2006
Time: 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM CDT (Chicago Local Time)
Phone: 217 244-7532



Good afternoon all,
The notes from our teleconference session follow. Feel free to add anything that I may have missed or correct any points.

Notes from conference call 5/15/2006

Kimberly J Wilcox, University of Minnesota

Philip Kragnes, University of Minnesota

David Schwarte, Purdue University
Saroj Primlani, North Carolina State University
Kostas Yfantis, UIUC

Jon Gunderson, UIUC
Hadi Bargi Rangin, UIUC

Hadi welcomed everyone. He reiterated what Robert Dumas said that he will be able to 'push' some changes. As soon as we have testing results we should send
them to Robert.

Kim will send Minnesota's testing notes in an e-mail for the speed of it.

The web form that Jon created - a common reporting mechanism so no matte who is making the evaluation/testing we'll have a common format. Hadi & Jon will
continue to refine the form so its more WebCT-centric in its content. Problems reported with saving the form. Several people were not able to save the
completed form locally.

Hadi asked about the best way of delivering the issues we report to the WebCT team. Jon said the issues uncovered can be organized by using the 'Category
& Type' titles of the web form that he developed.

Everyone concurred that our reports must make it easy for the WebCT team to understand what the issues are. Hadi suggested that the people who test a particular
area/tool write up a report. These people know the issues best since they tested them.

Again, agreement that gathering and reporting issues should happen in a way that WebCT understands. Jon will take a look at what Kimberly sends.

Kim pointed out that there are two levels of information: a) tool specific b) issues that are common to various pages & tools within WebCT.

Hadi: If you have a problem in one module it is not necessary that they are problems in other modules.

So our reporting should have a tool-specific area & a general one.

Saroj: In our thinking & trying to prioritize things... which tools should we focus on? Since some tools are used more than others.

Kim: generally we know that Assessments and Discussions are used a lot but there's no formula for prioritization.

Saroj: We should focus on navigation between tools & components.

Hadi: for general accessibility issues we've pretty much covered everything. We have tested the left side 'Course Tools' & 'My Tools' areas. Since we don't
have a lot of time, we're focusing on the Student View. We should report any problem that we find regardless of its size or impact.

David worked on Learning Modules. He couldn't save the form either. Pretty good overall but a few spots where the font size is not changeable (so if you
change the font size in the browser it doesn't change in the page).

Jon: The form has an entry about users not being able to adjust font size. If you have problems with the web form please give me a call. Any feedback or
ideas on improving it please let me know.

Hadi: how about connecting the form to a database? Jon reluctant to make things more complex... What's the right way to test liquid design?

Jon: change the width of the window & change the text size. If the text doesn't overlap then the design is liquid/dynamic. It is a very visual test. If
it does well down to 1/3 of a page, then it fares pretty well.

Hadi: when we ask accessibility questions that are a bit ambiguous a little guideline about how to do the test would be helpful. So have a testing standard
for everyone.

Saroj: How does the 3rd agency testing perform their tests of WebCT? These agencies do standards testing not functional accessibility testing...

We need to find ways to make the company (WebCT) more accountable. Discussion evolved into other products and how accessible they are: Angel, Desire2Learn.

Jon the goal for this week is to update the form to make it usable & organize the issues found so far into a report. What are the top 3 issues that you
would like WebCT to address?

Philip, there is a pervasive issue in the Calendar: the use of Javascript to show and hide controls. You had to turn the  forms mode to edit. There's lot
of unlabeled form elements.

David reported that he ran into buttons that are mislabeled (such as 'open link in new window').

Saroj: an unresolved issue, if you use Respondus to create questions or quizzes then it renders inaccessible in WebCT. Why is that? Saroj will try to get
us an example (of an accessible Respondus file that renders inaccessible in WebCT).

Phil: not enough headings in different pages. Create calendar is messy.

Kostas Yfantis

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