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Date: 2006-06-05

Time: 1:30 PM


Hello Everyone,

Our next teleconference is on Monday June 5th at 1:30 PM. We will continue our discussions about our findings with different modules.
Kostas and I will be meeting next Wednesday and I hope we can cover at least Assignment module. So by Monday we will done with 

* My WebCT
* Assessment
* Discussions
* Calendar
* Learning modules

If anyone is interested to cover another modules, there are plenty more left. You are very welcome to test any modules you want. :) It would be nice if you could use the online evaluation  form for the accessibility testing. You can find the page evaluation form at:


Note that while working with this form, you need to update the form by pressing the "Print view" button and save the form locally on your computer using your browser's Save as function. You can always go back and forth between Print view mode and Edit mode. Just remember to save the form when you are in print view mode. Once you have your local copy of the form with your inputs, then you can send it to me so I can post it at our collaboration website.

Info about the next teleconference:

Date: Monday June 5 2006
Time: 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM CDT (Chicago Local Time)
Phone: 217 265-6999



Notes from the WebCT Accessibility Interest Group teleconference, 5 June 2006.

Hadi Bargi Rangin, Chair
Lisa Fiedor, North Carolina State University, scribe
Saroj Primlani, North Carolina State University
David Schwarte, Purdue
Robert Dumas, WebCT
Konstantinos Nikos Yfantis, University of Illinois at Urbana/Champaign
Erin O'Driscoll, Excelsior College
Philip Kragnes, University of Minnesota


Robert: Robert has gone through reports posted, has submitted bugs that he could reproduce. Some, like no topic headings, or subheadings, may not have applied.
Most have already been implemented.

Hadi: What about setting up the headings for the panels on the left side?
Robert: Done.

Hadi: Could Robert send source code for changes?
Robert: Maybe Could get updated build for us.

Robert: Did more evaluation on org structure. I will still be involved with accessibility at merged company.

Robert: I will be in touch with the Blackboard accessibility people.

Saroj: Blackboard renders 3rd party quizzing as accessible.

[Phone problems troubleshooting]

Phil: Will any of the Blackboard people be at the WebCT conference?

Hadi: Blackboard accessibility. Hadi has contacted Terry Thompson, University of Washington and Norm Coombs, EASI, and would like to find out if we can
do another accessibility group for Blackboard, or expand this group.

Saroj: Need users who can bring issues to the developers.

Robert: Need different group. Need people who use the product to contribute feedback. Need different meetings and discussions.

Kostas: No one is using Blackboard at UIUC.

Saroj: Ask Terry Thompson if he wants to host that group.

Hadi: Looking for a few people who are actively working on the accessibility of Blackboard.

Hadi: Suggested teleconference to Terry. If you know about others who would want to be involved. UIUC does not necessarily need to lead.

Saroj: It would be good if UIUC could host that group, as they have developed infrastructure that could be used.

Hadi: Will contact Terry and others, and will attend the CIC meeting in June and may have the opportunity to make some progress. Can someone host teleconference
while he is in Europe.

Phil: Can Jon host?

Saroj: I could conduct meeting on 26th.

Hadi: I would like to have folks at the WebCT Conference talk to the QA folks at the conference. If we could have the teleconference

Saroj: If Robert could give us the latest build, we could discuss that. Someone is needed to coordinate collaboration with WebCT and Blackboard. We could
come back and talk about what happened at the conference. Can we have a conference call with the developers?

Hadi: If we don't hear from Robert, we don't necessarily need another teleconference. Will another brainstorming help us coordinate?

Saroj: If people presenting could send us what is being presented, could we comment or present questions?

Robert: Can Jon coordinate teleconference at WebCT conference when the presentation is being given?

Hadi: One goal is to make accessibility part of the QA process. Is there any way we can ask him at the conference?

Robert: Getting good questions from the QA people regarding accessibility.

Saroj: Is there a way to ask them what they need to assist with this process?

Robert: Part of the QA process is a matrix of testing. We should get this group involved in their testing.

Saroj: We can help them or educate them on accessibility issues. That will help all of us. Can they come to any of our meetings?

Robert: Would like to get QA staff involved in phone calls. Would like to get presentations for QA folks, to see real customer issues.

Phil: I like to examine code in presentations, and demonstrate what the issues are.

Saroj: We need to get people's mindset to change. Can do this with demonstrations.

Phil: Hadi gets to inform Jon of what we are planning for him to do.

Hadi: I might be able to join for WebCT conference teleconference.


Please let me know if you see any glaring errors or mistaken attributions.


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Lisa Marie Fiedor
Web Accessibility, Usability, & Design Specialist
Instructional Services/Learning Technology Service/DELTA
Campus Box 7111, NC State University, Raleigh NC  27695-7111
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