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Date: 2005-08-15

Time: 1:30 PM


Hi everyone,

As we discussed in our last teleconference we didn't want 3 or more weeks to wait to catch-up with Robert. It seems next monday works for him. Here's the info about our next teleconference:

Date: Monday August 15 2005
Time: 1:30 - 2:30 CST (Chicago Local Time)
Phone: 217 265-6999

I believe Robert has at least a good surprise for us.



 Jon Gunderson, UIUC
 Hadi Bargi Rangin, UIUC
 Phil Kragnes, Minnesota
 Alan Bilansky, UIUC
 Robert Dumas, WebCT
 Kim Wilcox, Minnesota
 Jenny Blane, Minnesota

Norm Combs is doing some testing of WebCT
RB: Robert Dumas heard this morning and is making contact

WebCT Meeting
HR: Do you have any comments Robert?
RD: I think it was very good to have Chloe there and the
demonstration of problems helped her understand
KW: The process sounds frustrating, since you propose
requirements for accessibility and then they do not get

RD: I am hoping WebCT will start a checking process before
technoloy is released
RD: Chloe and I meet with QA and they have concerns about the
functinoality testing versus the HTML coding errors.
They are going to be using a new tool that is an extension to
a browser to test for coding problems.
RD: Hopefully this will fix some fo the coding descripencies
from what we give development and what gets released

to users.
HR: We discussed getting access to the design documents. We
would like to see in their coding practices that they

use accessible techniques and avoid inaccessible practices.
We do not need access to the guidelines.
RD: I understand, you want to see something at the beginning
of the process not just a repair approach.
HR: How do we work on this issue
JG: We need to get administrators like Lanny to put pressure
on theit contact
PK: I understand concerns about proprietary information, what
we want is more feature matching.
AB: Non-discolsure agreements
HR: There are several suggestions
DR: I do not have any additional information, I could go back
to Chloe with these suggestions.
KW: I like Phils suggestion, about design for accessibility on
a detail basis.
PK: Awareness and education, do the designers have to navigate
using only the keyboard?
PK: there needs to be an internal change in mind and perception
RD: Before everything was Section 508.  There was never
pressure to go beyond Section 508.  I use W3C WCAG and not

Section 508.  I keep bring up accessibility.
PK: I think though, the point is compliance with standards and
functional accessibility.  How do we get designers

to think about accessibility.
KW: Is there time for inservice training or activities that
help developers understand.  Rather than peice meal

attention to problems, can we get them thinking about.
RD: These are things I need to work with both developers and
product managers.
RD: I could do a have day here with ..
HR: I am developing a video clip of some of the problems that
you could use to show developers and product

HR: Can anyone do font and color adjustments
KW: We need a description of what the problems are.  I don't
think we have identified all of the problems.
HR: I am looking for someone with a visual impairments.

Input on New Features
HR: Chloe asked for input on new features
RD: Maybe we need to fomalize this process
PK: Are these things already coded to some extent or new
features you are thinking about doing
RD: Combination
HR: Chloe separated these items on new features, beta testing
and usability testing
RD: End user testing
RD: We did user testing on Version 6 (released) to identify
problems for the next release, do user testing on what

we have and can fix before it is released
RD: Beta testing is on the next version (not released)

Demo Server
HR: I do not see significant accessibility changes
RD: There were not very many accessibility changes, we did
some things with headers
RD: I am hoping to get more stuff in the next release, since
they were not able to get many in this version, they

owe me
HR: End users testing, how will that happen
RD: We can open up a server, let people do testing when they
can or more structure
JG: We need to have structured testing
PK: I will talk to our usability people here to help with testing
KW: Can we get support from WebCT
RD: We don't do focues testing for accessibility
JG: Can we get a copy of the Toronto report

QA Team Progress
HR: What changes in QA testing will enhance accessibility
RD: We are trying to setup a process where we can compare what
we send the developers is closer to what comes out

from the developers
KW: Is this just an HTML validation?
AB: Where you find something where the code is messed up what
do you do.
RD: It is defined as a bug
AB: The defining as a code or a feature is important to
getting fixed.
RD: I define accessibility problems as a bug and they need to
be fixed, not explained as a feature

Freedom Scientific
HR: Untabable link problems letter
PK: FS will fix in version 7, Jenny I found that version Java
JRE 7 (most recent) I found that I could only tab to

2, instead of 3.  We are opening a trouble ticket with Sun.
RD: Things are getting more complicated.
HR: Can we got anyone from FS to come to this call?
RD: I have not spoken with anyone with FS, Bill Billek is
working with FS

/** discussion of javaapplet accessibility issues with FS **/

There seems to be a problem with JAWS being confused by the
HTML being changed dynamically.

Hadi took an action to figure out how to get involved with
JAWS beta testing of version 7.

Next Meeting
Will be scheduled on the list

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