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Date: 2005-08-08

Time: 1:30 PM


Hello Everyone,

Thanks to all who responded to my e-mail regarding the next teleconference appointment. Info about the next teleconference follows. It seems that Next Monday works for most of us. Note that the teleconference starts at 1:30 PM and not 1:00 PM.

Date: Monday August 8 2005
Time: 1:30 - 2:30 CST (Chicago Local Time)
Phone: 217 265-8030

Suggested topics:

1. Report on meeting with Robert and Chloe at the side of WebCt conference
2. Request letter to Freedom Scientific regarding untab-able links
3. Applying the latest patches to the Demo Server
4. Others



 Jon Gunderson, UIUC
 Hadi Bargi Rangin, UIUC
 Phil Kragnes, Minnesota
 Jenny Blaine, Minnesota
 Konstantinos Nikos Yfantis, UIUC
 David Schwarte, Purdue


HR: Robert Dumas sent his regrets a few hours ago
HR: Welcome to Jenny a new member
JB: I work with Phil and Kim at Minnesota

1. Report on meeting with Robert and Chloe at the side of
WebCt conference
HR: Positive meeting with WebCT: Lanny Arvan, Kostas Yfantis,
Robert Dumas and Chloe were there
HR: Chloe tried using the keyboard and saw some of the problems
HR: Discussed problems with the slow progress in improving
HR: Discussed with Chloe to add accessible design to software
development guidelines,
Chloe was going to check with her managers to see about the
accessibility of the project
HR: Testing for accessibility was limited to Toronto ATRC, was
not clear how they used this information
or the information said they were section 508 compliant
KY: It was not clear if the report said they were section 508
HR: It was not clear about interactive testing for disability
access or if they would consider using
this group for testing
PK: Do they confuse Section 508 with accessibility?
HR: Lanny was there and that helped a lot in keeping Chloes
DS: Accessibility is not well defined, and they don't do very
much usability testing with anyone
HR: Jon and I went to a presentation on webct usability issues
on this campus and faculty is not very happy
HR: Who designs the layout was one question.  Very
inconsistent structure and use of interactive controls.
The interfaces are suggested by Robert Dumas team, and he says
they are accessible when he gives the designed
to the development team.  The development team then changes
the designs and there is not feedback on this to
Robert Dumas's team.  Robert would like this to change.
HR: John Campell at Purdue who heard about accessibility form
him and not at people at Purdue.
DS: Campell is an administrator and does not directly in WebCT
HR: Can we get him to become more aware of the problem
DS: I can try, but the current model is for me to fix the problems
JG: Discussing importance to get IT administrators support for
PK: CIC meeting in September will have some lunch time
accessibility activities
JB: We are trying a different approach, we bring up
accessibility in weekly tech support issues
and opening problem tickets at WebCT
HR: There are issues of looking at a problem as a bug or
feature request.  Bug reports are often
fixed faster than something labeld as a "new feature"

2. Request letter to Freedom Scientific regarding untab-able links
HR: A letter to FS on tabbing issue
PK: FS said they will address in the next version of JAWS this
PK: Jenny wanted to know if i was using the latest version of
Webct.  Jenny helped me get it configured.
But there are some changes, like less crashing, but I also get
one less TAB before I get sent back to the top.
HR: Screen testing is very fustrating, crashing and rebooting
PK: Some simple commands cause crashing in WebCT, very frustrating
PK: Some of this is Java related
HR: We should find someone from FS who can resolve this issue
PK: You don't know FS very well.  It is difficult to get
inside the company.
HR: You do not think it is feasible.  If we send a letter,
that they could join us in the call.
PK: That would help

3. Applying the latest patches to the Demo Server
HR: How many people have used the demo server?
Most people have not tried
JG: We need to keep asking about accessibility of the demo
server or we will not get much attention.

4. Other
JB: Is anyone doing any thing different with layout in Vista
to make things more accessible
JB: we are developing best practices document and are looking
for examples
HR: I was talking to a senior developer at WebCT and that they
would like to get rid of the frames
PK: If can come up with tips and tricks for faculty and
support person on how to improve accessibility
PK: We also need to help PWD learn how to use their
technologies to access webCT
PK: Please send things to us if you have anything
HR: I will check if Robert can meet next week on Monday

Jon Gunderson, Ph.D., ATP

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