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Date: 2005-06-06

Time: 1:00 PM


Date: Monday June 6 2005
Time: 1:00 - 2:00 CST (Chicago Local Time)
Phone: 217 265-6999

Suggested topics:

1. Update on Freedom Scientific answer regarding tabbing issue
2. Jeff's guidelines regarding WebCt online help
3. Categorization of accessibility problems; I will be sending the report later today.
4. Report about using Discussion module on new WebCT demo server



David Schwarte, Purdue
Robert Dumas, WebCT
Phil Kragnes, Minnesota
Hadi Bargi Rangin, Illinois at Urbana/Champagin
Jon Gunderson, Illinois at Urbana/Champagin
Kim Wilson, Minnesota

1. Report on JAWS link navigation problem
RD: So FS is aware of the problem and WebCT are following up
with them
HR: What about Windows Eye?
PK: Not a problem
HR: Home Page Reader?
JG: Not sure

2. Jeff's guidelines regarding WebCT online help
RD: He wrote his help with a laymans point of view.  He wrote
it more from the instructors point of view and terminology.
KW: I liked the lack of Section 508 approach, and focusing
more on user needs
HR: How should we proceed?
PK: I think we should take an instrcutor approach, and include
coding examples.
The examples can be used by more programmers if they want the
technical details
RD: I corresponded to him off the list, about out technical
communiction groups
It seems the help files are so dry and technical, I have been
encouraging them to work with our tutorial/orkshop people.
The workshop people have more contact with end users and their
HR: I wish he was on-line and talk about his ideas
PK: When I set the standards here I took section 508 and W3C
and converted them into terms that developers here can use.
RD: That would be great.  I would like to show it to our
technical documentation people.
PK: Here is a link to our accessibility documents:

3. Categorization of accessibility problems;
RD: Most of the list is already in the cue to get fixed.
RD: Data tables, using TH.
PK: The use of the ID and HEADERS attribute
JK: Scope doesn't add alot of information
DS: SOme tables have more of a problem than others
RD: It is part of our design guidelines,
RD: The use of scripts to manipulate font size
DS: There are some spots in web pages and there are some hard
coded font sizes.  So it was difficutly with IE not being able
to change font sizes
RD: You need to use ignore font size accessibility feature
RD: We are trying to address this in future releases
HR: Modularization and consistency of navigation
RD: Creating different types of learning objects, and there
are two separate parts of code
KW: I am using 3.0, if you are in the build tab and there is a
go button.  If you go to teach there is the drop down, but no
go button.
RD: This is one of those weird user modeling issues.  All
interfaces all had the "go" button.  Many users gave a very
negative response.  Since you can turn on the menu, you don't
have to have the go button.  Management decided that
KW: Doesn't that add a frame.
RD: There are something I get back from ATRC that is confusing.
KW: Did they test with blindness?
RD: No. They test the previous version and the problems are
resolved in the next version.  They give us pure violations
and then other advisory information.  I always assumed they
did use all types of disability.  I have considered using
other sources of testing.  We have been with them 4 years.
HR: I would like to go back to my question on consistency
HR: In one of my previous jobs, we have to document the
funcitonalities and then send into the software development
team.  Hwn I use the software I am really confused.  I ame not
sure what I am eding.  There are so many inconsistencies.
COuld you tell me about the discussion module?
RD: Yes
HR: They are in charge of e-mail?
RD: I am not sure
HR: I cannot say if a problem ispart of which module, some
modules have headings, others do not.  Can there be guidelines
about the titling the modules, in terms of heading.
RD: I think thta was one of our earliest discussions.  I have
gone to all the create pages should have headers, this is in
our cue of things to do.
HR: The module for up loading a file us the same throughout?
RD: I assume so, but I anm not sure.
HR: It is hard for me to identify what part of the module this
problem should be referred to.
RD: I know that headers are not correctly implemented.
KW: How much of this stuff can be inlcuded in fixes?
RD: I depends on the amount of work.  I try to get them into
service packs or hot fixes.  I need to go to development to
find aout about how much work.
KW: It would be useful to me which problems will be available
through hot patches..
RD: Most you will need to wait until the next major release.
HR: The discussion list on the demo server, if you click on
accessibility issues there is alot of repeating titles.
PK: It might be a line of text and certain buttons that act on
that line of text.
HR: It might be that problems,
DS: The use of fieldset element might help to identify a group
of controls.
KW: The icons are very tiny and the ALT text cannot be viewed
in Netscape
RD: The graphical only controls have been removed.
HR: I will discuss this issue with you off line.
RD: I think it is a pull down menu issue.
HR: we also work with other companies, they ask us for smaple
code.  If we came up with some sample code, would that be
useful to WebCT.
JG: We could come up with some sample code.
HR: Are there any other issues?

RD: Dynamic menus?
JG: Please send dynamic menu information to the list

HR: Opening new content in a new window, what do people prefer?
PK: Separate windows allows for comparison of different windows
KW: Can you can open more than one at a time
PK: Is this something that should be coded into windows, or
should users use browser functions to open links into  new windows
RD: I am trying to cutout new windows opening automatically
HR: When you spawn a new window and it takes to long to open
and your session expires.
KW: We always tell people to edit text off line and then cut
and past it into WebCT
HR: What about responding to an e-mail.  When your are working
on a separate window, the session shouldn't time out.
RD: When there are several WebCT windows open, who does webCT
know when a session or a window timed out.
RD: I would like to attach something to make it clear that
this link will open a new window.

Next meeting July 11th at 1:00pm again.

Jon Gunderson, Ph.D., ATP

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