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Date: 2005-05-02

Time: 1:00 PM


Date: Monday, May 2
Time: 1:00 - 2:00 CST (Chicago Local Time)
Phone: 217 244-7532

Suggested topics:

1. Philip's finding regarding untabable links
2. Hadi's findings regarding Multi language content quizzes
3. Setting up a special account at UIUC WebCT so other members can create tests and experience first hand.
4. Other

Please feel free add any other issue you would like to be discussed.


Login: webct
Password: access 


Philip M. Kragnes
Robert Dumas
David Schwarte
Kim Wilcox
Alan Bilansky
Jeff Hiles
Hadi Bargi Rangin
Jon Gunderson, Scribe and Chair

1. Untable links issues
RD: Two tasks from last call: skip link and language issue
RD: Senior architect has looked at the code has identified the
problem and is talking to Freedmon Scientfic about the issue.
JG: Has anyone tried Window Eyes and IBM Home page reader
RD: The issue does not come up with Window Eyes.
Phil: I did disable applets, but always had to reboot the system
RD: Seems to have something to do with the applets
David: One of the applets refreshes a frame
Phil: AUto updating frames would cause
RD: Bill Bilic (604) 225-2225, is the person at WebCT that
Freedom Scientific should contact to discuss the technical
merits of the issue.

Disucssion of HTML validation.  WebCT uses code checking on
mockups and then sends it to development for implementation.
Sometimes the code is not valid.  This maybe issue with the
TABBING if JAWS is parsing the document differently that IE.

2. Language Attribue
RD: I did alot of different test to identify the problem
RD: This is in the quizing section with multiple choice questions
RD: First we throught it was under scores, but when we removed
RD: It seemed to be part of the attribute order
RD: Can we can do is try to bring the language outside the
label tag, just found this morning.
HR: COuld you describe the html coding
RD: LABEL is inside of the INPUT control, we need to move it
to the outside of the LABEL tag

3. There is a test server available
RD: We would like to control the people who can login
Kim: WHat about older versions?
HR: Guest account on WebCT at UIUC?  Can we create a guest
AB: We would have to create guest account for everyone.  We
are running version 3.04.
HR: Can we setup guest accounts there?
KW: Version 3 something?
RD: Some people are running CE and some VISTA
KW: We are moving to Vista in the Fall
Phil: We are running both and CE is more accessible than Vista
RD: We can identify problems quickly, it could be fixed before
the next release propably in June.

4. Discussion of Extended Time testing
RD: I have mentioned this to the developers
RD: Where would this student setting be?
KW: Where will the information about the student reside?
KW: How secure is the information on server?
RD: There are a number of things about this issue, product
managers discuss the use cases

Action Items:
1. Contact freedom scientfic about webct tabbing issue

2. Language change may be caused by current placement of LABEL
element inside INPUT element, RD will try getting LABEL moved
to encapsulate the INPUT element

3. RD will send information to JG on user accounts on WebCT
test server for WebCT, JG will forward information to the group

4. Check on status of extened time feature built into student

5. Review documentation issues in new version on WebCT test
server, specifically information related to extended time testing

6. JG contact LA about including language change markup in
spanish course

Next meeting May 25th at 1:00pm.

Jon Gunderson, Ph.D., ATP

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