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Date: 2005-03-28

Time: 1:00 PM


Date: Monday, March 28th
Time: 1:00-2:00 CST (Chicago Local Time)
Phone: 217-265-6999

Agende Item
1. Review WebCT response to accessibility whitepaper issues

Login: webct
Password: [call Hadi at 217 244-0518 to get it]

I think the two most importance issues are the language
changes in quizes and the TABBING issue

Please let me know if you planning on attending or NOT.



Robert Dumas (WebCT)
Philip Kragnes (UMinn)
David Schwarte (Purdue)
Hadi Bargi Rangin (UIUC)
Jon Gunderson (UIUC)
Kimerly J Wilcox (UMinn)
Konstantinos N Yfantis (UIUC)
Alan Bilansky (UIUC)

1. Test Server
RD: The test server will be available in a few weeks
RD: We will sent up user accounts and send out instructions on
how to login

2. Language change issue
RD: Vista has an html feature for creating questions
LW: We can't use the html feature the response choices in a
multiple choice test
RD: For all question types?
LW: I only tried multiple choice
RD: Vista 3
RD: So the problem is not changing language of the question,
but the responses to questions?
multiple people: Yes
RD: This should be an easy fix, it is odd to me that you can
do if for questions, but not answers.
PK: There are other uses for this feature
HR: You can change the language for instructions, but not the
HR: JAWS crashes alot when I am in creating questions

3. Un-tabable links
RD: I was able to replicate the problem
RD: Trouble page: reorganized page linke, no difference; tried
different configurations, same problem; other views the same issue
RD: Seems to be consistent, but a random problem
RD: Window eyes seems to work OK
RD: I am going to talk to some other developers who understand
more about what is going on in the pages
D: You can get to it other ways, but if you tab after a
certain number of links you go back to the begining
D: If you create a links list you can move to them
RD: There are applets in WebCT, maybe they are interfering.
When applets are disabled in a special config, tabbing to
links seems to work.
D: That seems to make sense, since I have had problems with
other pages
AB: It maybe a hidden frame problem and content changing those
RD: I will look in that direction
DS: You can turn off MSAA in JAWS using Control-V, and test
HR: I have spent aot of time

Action: Hadi and David to test with MSAA turned off

4. Labeling of redundant image & text links
RD: I have been thinking about this, we will automatically set
graphic alt="" if both text and graphic are used to define the

5. Discussion of user experience and inviting RD (and others)
to Illinois to get first hand experience.
RD: This would be valuable, but I am also concerned about the
new version of the product and looking at the current version
problems and try to visualize how this will work in the new
JG: Maybe Hadi could go to the WebCT conference
RD: That would be good
KW: The conference is July 18-22nd
RD: Will check into the sponsorship of people to attend the

6. Discussion on color defaults, small icons and alt text on
Add discussion: list

Next meeting with be April 11th 2005 at 1:00 CST (Chicago
Local Time) with the theme of navigation


Jon Gunderson, Ph.D., ATP

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