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Date: 2004-10-25

Time: 1:00 PM


This is a reminder about the teleconference to discuss WebCT
Vista Accessibility.

Date: Monday, Ocotber 25th
Time: 1:00-1:45 CST (Chicago Local Time)
Phone: (217) 265-6999

1. Continue discussion of WebCT accessibility white paper

Please let me know if you are going to attend.


Jon Gunderson, Ph.D., ATP


David Schwarte, Purdue
Hadi Rangin, UIUC
Jon Gunderson, UIUC
Dean Brusnighan, Purude
Konstantinos Nikos Yfantis, UIUC
Alan Bilansky, UIUC
Philip M. Kragnes, Minnesota

Heather Stout
Kimerly J Wilcox

1. Update from Jon Gunderson on discussion with WebCT
representatives at Educause in Denver, CO
a. Geoff Glave was interested in accessibility issues and he
was going to pass my name to a person in their user interface
group in Boston who deals with accessibility issues

2. Discussion of WebCT course management tools
a. Include information about the colloration/discussion tools
b. Include examples of authoring accessibility issues

3. Goals and Plans
a. Revised white paper with examples by next Monday, November 1st
b. Teleconference on November 8th to prioritize accessibility
c. Decide on November 8th if the document is ready to send to
d. Create multimedia examples of accessibility problems


Jon Gunderson, Ph.D., ATP

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