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Date: 2005-10-24

Time: 1:30 PM


  1. Future of accessibility collaboration after Blackboard/WebCT merge
  2. Bug report/trace system vs. current format
  3. Meeting with WebCT developers at Educause
  4. Update on demo server
  5. Beta testing program
  6. Functional testing
  7. November meeting: 11/21/05 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM


1. Tools that work with WebCT, like White board or Chat were not being addressed
2. How WebCT was rendering the questions in quizes, blackboard does it right and 

WebCT doesn't (Respondus)
RD: I think there migh have been a misunderstanding in the disucssion
RD: Some are specific and are more general
SP: Chat, whiteboard and other collaboration were not going to be addressed. 
KP: I took some notes
RD: I already have the list. We did have specific discussion on collaboration tools, 

we do expect 
RD: Chat/Applet has been moved to SWING, but we do not have specific tools.
SJ: I thought they were separate tools
RD: They are one program but features can be turned on/off
SJ: I asked about SVG or using just bit maps
RD: We have a entirely redesigned the assessment section
JG: Please send notes to the list
JG: I think we need to stay focused on WebCT
RD: We really don't have information 
JG: I think we need to focus on WebCT, Blackboard is a distraction
RD: The development team is working on the accessibility features
HR: Functional testing featues

2. Functional Testing
JG: Functional testing using the keyboard, high contrast and navigation structure
HR: I understand there is currently no functional testing
RD: I would love help in developing the functional testing proceedures, even if 

developers don't, we can get QA to do the testing
HR: I can share my experience

3. Discussion List
RD: How do developers work on specific issues
JR: Issues should send to the list
SJ: We have a tester who is blind
JG: Lets send request to help to the list and then private mails to resolve the 

issue with volunteers
RD: We would provide the test pages
HR: We discussed with Chloe, is there anything we see on the Beta test server? 
RD: Everything is in design mode, but there is nothing on the server yet.
RD: List of items is something we need to go over.  We need to implement them in the 

best design.  I look at W3C, but they migh not always be the best way.  i want the 

best information.
HR: Is there a timeline for access to the alpha or beta testing server?
RD: I cannot give you an answer on that, I will track development of these features 

and make sure we get them integrated on the development server.  There needs to be a 

critical mass of features for you to actually see something on the beta test server.
HR: We don't have direct access to the development team.  I am afraid that we may 

miss oportunity.
RD: What is the best way to do this.  We were already in the cycle for design.  We 

taled in SF about how to change the design process.  We want to make sure that you 

are part of the design process and we are in the early stages of the process.  last 

time (Vista 3) we were already late in the design process.  We are just in the 

starting phases of this process.  
HR: Would it be feasible, to see the code before it is locked.
RD: We do a code freeze, that doesn't mean that code does not change.  We then do 

testing to make sure it is what we wanted to do, so there are lots of changes based 

on project manager requests and beta testing features.  Accessibility feature 

problems will be considered as a bug, sot hey will need to be fixed.  If 

accessibility features are not working they will be considered a bug.
HR: Is there a list of features we could see?
RD: Yes.
HR: Great, this will be helpful to make sure that things are important.
RD: Alot of these things will seem fairly fundamental.  Like header tags.  I want to make sure we get it right everywhere.
SJ: Send the list of features to us and let us see what the details are.
RD: I assume sure she gave you an overview
HR: Beta testing server discussion
RD: As soon as code is available, I will let you know.
JG: I think it more a feature lock
HR: Can we meet on November 2nd, at 1:30pm CST
SJ: I hate to call accessibility as a separate feature.  Accessibility should be a part of every feature.
RD: I agree.  Why I talk about it that way, is that we discuss product feature enhancements.  So they have me write up a separate functional requirements document related to accessibility.
KP: I remember her talking about a mouseless operation.
RD: Most developers won't be mouseless
RD: QA will probably do it.

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