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Date: 2005-12-05

Time: 1:30 PM


Hello Everyone,

As we discussed in the last teleconference, the next teleconference will be on next Monday. Please mark your calendar.

Info about the next teleconference:

Date: Monday December 5 2005
Time: 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM CST (Chicago Local Time)
Phone: 217 265-6999

Suggested topics:

1. Update on proposed accessibility improvement
2. Multi language content (English/Arabic)
3. More accessibility improvement suggestions?

Please send any relevant topics you would like to discuss at the telemconference.

Thank you.


Monday December 5 2005

Hadi Bargi Rangin, Chair
Jon Gunderson, Scribe
Robert Dumas, WebCT
David Schwarte, Purdue
Konstantinos Nikos Yfantis, UIUC
Saroj Primlani, NCSU
Kimerly J Wilcox, Minnesota
Jodi Roberts, Mississippi State University
Erin O'Driscoll, Excelsior College
Kevin Price, Georgia Institute of Technology

Update on Implementation
RD: Development groups are working on accessibility improvements
HR: Any questions from development team
RD: Some questions, no major ones
HR: When can we look at them
RD: I will give a look frist, and then open up the server
SP: I have access to web conferencing tools, I can setup a web
RD: We can determine how we want to do it, it will up to what
the testers want to work.
HR: Anything by Christmas?
RD: Probably not, developers have not say anything that they
have a major problem with yet
HR: I am going through SJ issues and I will add the
information to the issues list
HR: Probably in the next day

Foreign Language Report
RD: Faculty member was trying to create arabic instructional
JG: Faculty member was using an older version of Office and
forced to use images for

arabic character sets
JG: Hadi showed him how to use Office 2003 how to create
arabic characters using the

character set
HR: There is a content module in WebCT that seems to support
the Arabic character set
HR: Frontpage can also be used to create Arabic character set
HR: Currently no known problems with language changes

*** Discussion of foreign language support in different
authoring tools and assistive

technologies ***

DS: Vista 4 has expanding menus, does anyone have any experience
HR: I didn't notice that, our webtech people are suppose to
apply hot fix for language

KY: Well I don't know which hot fix fixes that language
problem, robert?
RD: Let me see if i can find it.

** discussion of the accessibility of web conferencing systems **

RD: Version 3.0.6 probably has the language fix
KY: I will check on the fix

Developer Meeting at WebCT
HR: Suggested to RD that I visit WebCT since I will be on the
west coast
RD: I think it would be great, but I have not heard back from
Chloe, I will check with her.

KP: What about the process, can I send this out to everyone in
our region
RD: Certainly anyone in the teleconbference, then more formal
usability testing
KP: I know some people at different usabilities, contact them
JG: I think it would be good to contact people now, so they
are ready when testing starts
HR: I have 20 accounts
RD: We can get as many accounts as we need
KP: Any dates?
RD: We do not have a specific date, it will depende on when a
stable version is ready
HR: I hope that the WebCT and Blackboard merger strengthens
the accessibility
KW: I sat in on the learning lasions at CIC and they are
interested in accessibility of blackboard

IT Accessibility Interest Groups
JG: UIUC is sponsoring regional meetings on accessibility to
develop other groups  like the WebCT accessibility interest group
KY: We are not going to install 3.06 until the holiday break

Next Meeting, January 9th at 1:30

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