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Date: 2006-11-20

Time: 1:30 PM CST


Two more modules have been analyzed for accessibility namely Announcement and Syllabus by Jon and Don Amos.

the following modules are still need to be analyzed for accessibility:

1. Assignments
2. Class List
3. Learning Objectives
4. Mail
5. Media Library
6. Grade Book

1. organizational stuff
2. Update on applying accessibility feedback on demo server (Robert)
3. Analyzing remaining modules
4. Feedback on improving the accessibility evaluation questionaire

Teleconference info:
Date: Monday November 20 2006
time: 1:30 PM CST
Phone: 217 265-8030


WebCT Accessibility Discussion Meeting Minutes 11-20-06


* Hadi Rangin
* Jon Gunderson
* Philip Kragne
* Robert Dumas
* Lisa Fiedor
* David Schwarte
* Konstantinos Yfantis


* Kimerly J Wilcox
* Saroj Primlani
* Don Amos

* Continue meetings on Mondays, trying for every 1st and 3rd weeks of the month

* Exception in January due to holidays

* Test server will be updated shortly

* Still awaiting approval for onsite visit from Hadi for accessibility presentation to Developers and Architects

* Need to setup an agenda to discuss QA testing methods with QA in attendance

* Have completed 6 evaluations with 6 remaining.
The final 6 modules have been assigned as follows:

1. Assignments  Hadi and Kostas
2. Class List  Jon
3. Goals  Lisa
4. Mail  Hadi and Kostas
5. Media Library  David
6. Grade Book  Phil

Evaluations should be complete by December 18th meeting

* Discussed issue using Firefox where some links cannot be triggered using JAWs unless invisible cursor is used. Need to determine if it is a WebCT issue
or JAWs issue.

* Possibly develop a rating system for use in the evaluation forms to better define extent of problem.

* Need to develop a way to report progress within the group.

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