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Date: 2006-12-04

Time: 1:30 PM CST


1. Organizational stuff
2. Review Philip's improvement suggestions for accessibility evaluation form at:
Please review the form prior to the teleconference.
3. Accessibility problem with Syllabus by Don Amos. Find the report at:
4. Accessibility problem with Assignment module (Kostas & Hadi)


WebCT Accessibility Discussion Meeting Minutes 12-04-06

•	Hadi Rangin
•	David Schwarte
•	Saroj Primlani
•	Philip Kragne
•	Lisa Fiedor
•	Don Amos
•	Konstantinos Yfantis

•	Kimerly J Wilcox
•	Jon Gunderson

•	Robert Dumas

Don Amos introduced himself. He’s from Pellissippi State Technical Community College (http://www.pstcc.edu/).

Hadi will send a link to the latest version of the Functional Accessibility Evaluator and/or Firefox Accessibility Extension.

How can we improve of the accessibility testing? Phil fixed some of the questions and took care of redundancy and inconsistencies and he clarified language.

Don evaluated the Syllabus model.

Discussion on how to create a report that will show progress on identifying issues and resolving them. Participants discussed the possibility of creating a table with all the issues.  A quick look would help one understand where we are with regards to progress. Jon and Hadi are working to improve the database. Take the ‘Ns’ and the ‘Is’ and turn them into links, click on the link which will take you to the issue that will show you date and data. Create a trouble ticketing system? We need a system in which each issue is tracked – right now issues are categorized under modules.

Assignment Module. When we are in the submission form of an assignment there’s a few phrases that have usability problems such as ‘HTML Creator’ & ‘Use HTML’. The java applet is very inaccessible (impossible to exit without a mouse).

Four modules [Media Library (David), Grade Book (Phil), Learning Modules (Phil) and Mail (Don)] due for the 18th. Brief illustration of the specific problems 

Evaluations should be complete by December 18th meeting.

Next Meeting on December 18, 2006. David Schwarte volunteered to take notes.

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