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Date: 2006-12-18

Time: 1:30 PM CST


1. Organizational stuff
2. Finalizing our evaluations
3. Stratigic planning for 2007
4. Update on Demo server, invitation of QA, passing our report to development, and more from Robert assuming if he can join us today
5. Identifying second contact person at WebCT when Robert cannot come to the meetings


WebCT Vista Accessibility Teleconference 12/18/2006
by: Daivd Schwarte

* Hadi Bargi Rangin (University of Illinois)
* Saroj Primlani (North Carolina)
* David Schwarte (Purdue University)

* Don Amos
* Robert Dumas
* Lisa Fiedor
* Kim Wilcox
* Phil Kragne

Due to the small number of attendees we did not follow the set agenda.
Our primary activity consisted of brainstorming methods of increasing
interest in the consortium.  

We all felt that more concrete proof of our progress would be very
beneficial to continued interest in the consortium.  We discussed the
possibility of prioritizing issues to highlight more important issues to
WebCT.  We also discussed asking Robert for expected timelines or
version numbers for the solving of issues.  This will make it possible
to demonstrate that we are making progress.  

We discussed the importance of someone from WebCT attending our
meetings.  We wondered if Robert could identify someone from his office
to attend when he is unable to be there.

We discussed using the next meeting to determine which accessibility
issues in WebCT Vista 4.0 are in more than one module and would thusly
be more important to fix.  

We discussed writing a formal letter to WebCT to explain the
accessibility issues with Vista, in which we would ask for their
assistance to address such important issues.  WebCT would then need to
respond appropriately in writing and to promise level of interest in the
listed issues.  

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