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Date: 2006-01-09

Time: 1:30 PM


Hello and happy new year,

I hope you all have had contemplative Christmas time and relaxing holidays/vacations.

The first WebCT teleconference in 2006 will be on January 9th and we will be mainly following up with Robert regarding the implementation of improvement
suggestions that he has submitted to development team.
I would like also that we discuss the possibility of  establishing similar interest groups for Blackboard, library and e-mail systems we use in our institutions
so we can make the vendors more aware of the potential accessibility problems with their products and hopefully establish a kind of collaboration with
them which could lead to more friendly and more accessible products.

Info about the next teleconference:

Date: Monday January 9 2006
Time: 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM CST (Chicago Local Time)
Phone: 217 265-5200

Thank you.


Please add a link to your website to the WebCT accessibility list:

Robert Dumas, WebCT
David Schwarte, Purdue
Lisa Fiedor, NC State
Jon Gunderson, UIUC
Hadi Bargi Rangin, UIUC
Philip kranges, Minnesota
Kevin Price, Southeast DBTAC

Date: 1/9/2006

1. CSUN Conference
HR: Welcome to first teleconference
HR: CSUN conference registration deadline for reduced fee
HR: Presentation is on Friday

2. Taking notes
HR: Can other people volunteer to take notes
RD: I don't have access to a computer
KP: I am not very good
LF: I will tke notes next time

3. Other interest groups
HR: We are working on develop additional interest groups in
the area of blackboard, e-mail

and library systems
HR: Please let people who might be interested
LF: I would be interested in Bloackboard accessibility progress
PK: Waldon university uses Blackboard

3. Implementation update
RD: We have many of them already implemented, thursday this
week should be done
RD: I am in the process of getting a server setup
RD: Server should be available next month
HR: When is the expected release date
RD: Let me check, I think it is this quarter
HR: End of march?
RD: I don't think so, i am not sure of the release date
RD: Beginning of next month will still be plenty of time to
identify and fix bugs
RD: We want to check them out fixes be fore release
HR: We open the server and we identify a problem, how will we
see the fix?
RD: Report the problems to me and I will put them into the system
RD: many of the issues are probably directly controled by me,
so I can get the people on

it right away
RD: Other bugs go to appropriate managers, it is pretty efficient
RD: You should be able to see fixes on the server
HR: Have you heard about implementation problems?
RD: There were some questions, about half went to other groups
and the other staff stayed

with me.
RD: One of my guys came up with a question, related to accesskeys
RD: How do you deal with access keys with frames?
RD: We have to supply a access keylinks in each frame
RD: How does the listing of accesskeys in each frame work to
the user
PK: Constantly reading through links would be a burden
PK: Make it a configuration option to get them or not
RD: Some where I need to put a physical link to the course menu
PK: An accesskey can be assigned to table cells
JG: It will not be valid HTML
HR: What about headers?
RD: Yes we have
RD: Accesskeys for frames information is scarce
PK: Proper TITLING of frames is more important
HR: Where are you putting the accesskeys
PK: FRAME navigation is probably the same thing, as long as
they are well titled
HR: Good headers also provides a good way for navigation
HR: What about IFRAMES
RD: We have a number of hidden frames
HR: I am talking about visible frames that are deeply nested
RD: We have plenty of frames that are visible and alot of
utility frames
RD: I have the wrong priority of the use of access keys
JG: We have three uses of accesskeys: nav bar, main content
and search text box
PK: If I am in an advanced form feature, I want quick access
to the submit button
RD: Do people have any recommendation on the use of accesskeys
PK: Accesskeys are becoming less relavent with header markup
being used
DS: I do like the concept of moving to the main content
PK: I like headers, I have not used skip navigation for a while
HR: Early february for the server?
DS: Yes
PK: Some type of drop down list for content list for the
current page, this would belp

people with mobility impairments
JG: Browser accessibility versus authoring accessibility
PK: We are talking about a distance learning application and
people don't have the browser

technology.  have additional options in the web page is a good
way to go.
HR: You have a combo box that takes people to other sections,
the "GO" button is a

candidate for an accesskey
HR: Where people upload or download content, those buttons
would be a good candidates
** further discussion of access key implementation issues **
RD: There is still alot of issues with using accesskeys
HR: Some active elements are form controls and some are links
RD: That is no longer the case
HR: I don't have any questions right now, anyone else
JG: Accessibility state can be sent to the list
PK: IE has a background color of a web page and then the user
specifies a background color

the IE will not override the authors background color
RD: We allow people to change the WebCT background color
HR: We have another question
HR: Every instructor uses different methods for creating structure
RD: We only provide an empty frame for users to render content
PK: Instructors use alot of in-line styling
RD: Something we have been pushing our people here to get
across to content developers to

also be accessible.
RD: I have been pushing our e-content people, I would like to
make it requiremen
JG: We are developing a checking

4. Next teleconference will be announced when beta server is
Note will be taken by Lisa Fiedor, NC State

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