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Date: 2006-03-06

Time: 1:30 PM


Hello Everyone,

I would like to call for a meeting for Monday March 6 to discuss a few matters including the state of implementation of improvement suggestions submitted by Robert to the WebCT development team.

Info about the next teleconference:

Date: Monday March 6 2006
Time: 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM CST (Chicago Local Time)
Phone: 217 265-8030

Suggested topics:

1. Follow up with Robert regarding the implementation process
2. Accessibility tips for students and instructors
3. Accessibility testing protocol 
4. Accessibility tester group

Please send any relevant topics you would like to discuss at the next telemconference.

Thank you.


WebCT Vista Accessibility Meeting
March 6, 2006

Jon Gunderson (UIUC)
Hadi (UIUC)
David Schwarte (Purdue)

Jodi Roberts
Robert Dumas
Erin O'Driscoll

Hadi reported on WebCT Vista 5 activities from an email from Robert
--WebCTs Vista 5.0 test server is not yet up.  Robert hopes that it will
be up soon.
--Testing of JAWS on the portions of Vista 5 available so far suggests
issues noticed in previous versions are still there.
--Window-Eyes and Narrator seem to work correctly on Vista 5

We would like to collect tips and tricks for using Vista
--Someone will need to spend some time working on this
--We would appreciate volunteers

We are just barely on the first page when searching for WebCT
--If members add links to our WebCT Vista Accessibility page we may be
able to move closer to the top.
--The site is:

We need to develop a protocol for testing.
        Do we want everyone to test everything or should we assign
sections to test?

We really need to have Robert to the next meeting.  Where should we go
from here?

We would like to have monthly meetings
--We may need to have more meetings during testing etc.

Name:     David Schwarte

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